Clay Math – Part 1

If you’re allergic to math don’t let this scare you off – it’s a good way of cutting down on your scrap when you’re planning your projects out.

When you take a package of clay to make base beads, sometimes you’d probably like to know how many beads you can expect. So technically speaking, I once measured a package of Premo. That 2oz package of clay has a volume of: 2.953 inches cubed.

one pack lots beadsSo if you were really picky – and really, really precise – you could get 51 12mm (1/2 inch) beads or more than 400 6mm beads (1/4 inch).

Think that’s incredible? You could, in theory, get 1400 4mm beads. I think there is such a thing as ‘good enough’ though.

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  1. Being allergic to math, I would never have done the calculations necessary to discover that valuable piece of information. Thank you for it, it’ll be very useful!