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Week 2: Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily Bracelets

The provincial flower for the province of Saskatchewan (where I am!) is the prairie lily. This flower is a slightly reddish toned orange, tiger lily-like lily. Which means I make a fair number of tiger lily beads and tiger lily jewellery each year. This week I made a bead cane and then the beads and jewellery. The bonus of being on the ball when I do this is that I can make the beads for my jewellery as charms right from the top. That is, I can embed the wires right in while I’m at it instead of having to come back and do it when I make up the pieces.

Tiger Lily Bead Cane

The cane in various stages – as a petal, as a small flower cane, as bead slices and then slightly shaped flowers.

Tiger Lily Headpins

The flower slices stuck onto headpins to make charms for my flower charm bracelets from. Doing it this way makes turning it all into bracelets super simple.

And the bracelet blanks? I get those from BohemianFindings on Etsy.