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The January 2022 Wrap Up

Well! Made it through January 2022 which was basically like the 21st month of 2020. What sort of craftiness and productive stuff did I get up to? Some of it was:

February has: the next session of my pottery classes, my 45th birthday, a few videos, a tool review, website, shipping, and price updates, fixing up the brick and mortar shop, planning for the Fan Expos, and a bunch of custom orders. Plus seed starts for the slow stuff. All shoved into 28 days.

The December (and 2021) Wrap Up

One thing I want to get started on is making a wrap-up post of what I did with my creative work on a regular basis. I’ll go with monthly and see how it goes. This month, of course, may get some of the 2021 overflow because it’s the end of the year but most months I just need it to be a link to where my efforts ended up online. A bit of a list of new shop items, videos, written pieces.

In December 2021 I:

On a personal note this was a rough year and a lot of stuff slipped. I did get back to pottery, sponsor some of the local live music scene, get vaccinated, derail and get back on track with YouTube, have my best online sales year EVER, and get my daughter moved back to the city so she could continue with university. A lot of this happened against the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic, social unrest, and the increasing effects of climate crisis in our area. It has been a wild year.

In my Etsy shop, my most ordered item was my set of cardinal beads. It sold 57 times. My wood violet beads sold 56. To round out the top 5, there were the turquoise bird beads, my cane sampler and my raven beads. Three of those – the violets, turquoise birds and the sampler – are also my top 3 items in my shop over the last 13 years.

2022 is starting off with record cold for our area. This area already GETS cold in the winter so record cold is beyond the pale. Like the record heat waves. We are coming out of a record deep freeze as I write this. I am determined to get my YouTube back on track for the year and, hopefully, do shows and classes again. In case the shows and classes are put on hold for yet another year, I’m working on alternative plans. I’m hoping to do a lot more painting and drawing and pottery in 2022 and get a lot better with my Adobe programs. I hope to get more gardening in this year… especially with food costs soaring.

What’s on YOUR list for 2022?