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Week 5: The Doors Continue On

I finally finished the fairy doors Chloe left for me to do. They’re adorable and they’re a fair blend of our styles. I of course went a little crazy adding cane slices when she would have likely stuck to sculpted and textured details. I suppose that’s what stylistic differences are.

All of them need their backs finished with a coat of paint and a little antiquing and detailing on their fronts. I’m working on incorporating a little more judicious paint in my work in 2018. You can add clever details with paint that are difficult to do with clay only and I should really improve my skills there.

Week 3: Fairy Doors

Before I packed Chloe off to school she got started on a stack of fairy doors for the shop and show season. Some of them were still left to finish up so I’ll be churning away at those for a bit. Here’s the first few out of the oven!

They’ll get their backs painted out and probably a little antiquing here and there.

I use my own fairy doors in the succulent pots at the shop and out in the flower buckets all summer. I’ve found the clay to be pretty sturdy and I haven’t noticed much in the way of fading or staining. Apart from a little Varathane here and there for shiny bits I don’t coat them although I imagine the outdoor formula would be best if I were clear coating the whole deal.

This is Week 3 of the 2018 Polymer Clay Challenge. If you’re a clayer you should totally join in or at least check out what’s going on.

Week 4: Fairy Doors

Doors in Progress

I love all things fantasy and sci fi and make belief. The first time I saw little fairy door decorations I was intrigued. I’ve made a few over the last few years but this year I promised myself I would do a real run of them. I sorted and mixed up my scraps to give myself some play clay for these and started with the simplest forms.

Cured Fairy Doors

After cutting out basic shapes from layers of mud clay and marbled brown “wood” I made little scrap clay pebbles for edges. I added simple decoration beams and fake brass (I do love Premo! antique gold) hardware for the doors and tucked bits of moss, flowers and toadstools on the edges.

The next run will have a few more details but these guys were done simply so I could write up the steps for sharing as a tutorial in a couple of weeks. I may add a little antiquing and varnish to the relevant parts of these.