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Redoing my Booth Part 1

Most of the shows I do are small, indoor shows with a table based setup – usually 1 8ft table, sometimes an 8ft and 1 or 2 6ft ones. I’ve cobbled together quite a collection of display items, table coverings and random STUFF in the last 12 years!

This year I decided I wanted a more custom and cohesive look. I wanted it to fit with the brand I have in mind – to use more of a clean but also nature inspired theme.  I started by making notes of how I could do that using what I already have and adding a few pieces.

Table Coverings

I kept my old table coverings but plan on editing how they are used a bit as I accumulate more of them. I’d like the green to get draped and mounded a bit on the table tops to make more of a grass or forest floor feeling. In their previous lives, these were clearance queen sized flat sheets and inexpensive fake satin drapes.

Display Trees

Speaking of forest… these are probably the biggest change. I had been experimenting with wood cut outs of trees to hang items on and finally drew up plans. My dad visited over the weekend and cut a TON OF THEM out for me so away I go. I have two sizes here and they will be excellent for hanging jewelry, ornaments… you name it. When not in use, they pack flat and they are super light.

Next up is swapping out some of my other fixtures for easier show items!