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Light Sage Green

This weekend started with a stop at the hardware store on Friday afternoon. A few more paint trays and a can of Light Sage Green, the slightly more subtle colour I’d picked for the yellow-green Goldenrod my guy figured was perfect when he did it 7 years ago.

Stuff of Nightmares

We patched, sanded and TSP’d the walls and then got down to priming. The kiddo offered to help with priming. She had ulterior motives.

Spelling Issues

This is funny because my daughter has spelling problems. This should read Me WANT food. She tried again on the next wall, complete with crossouts and redos there. The guy meanwhile was painting himself as well as the wall.


The worst part about any home project is not usually the doing. Priming and painting only took us a couple of hours. The cleanup and repair and moving stuff however takes FOREVER.


Somewhere in there – before and after we got going – I finished up a custom order and made these guys so the day did end up with more than just Light Sage Green paint everywhere.

Custom Order