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Week 11: Bucket of Spring

Bucket of Spring

The little beads that need drilling, sanding, glazing or sorting into bags get put into these cute buckets on my studio shelves to await their turn on the table. Today I drilled the pile needing holes and realized they were a whole bucket of spring. Little robins, bluey birds, crocuses and tulips. With scads of butterflies which we won’t get until well into the summer but I’m an optimist.

So I did what all happy bead and button jar owners do and poured them out to play with.

The buckets I use for organizing are from Ikea. They’re adorable and come in lots of sizes.

Week 26: This Week for the Birds


When I scroll through my Etsy stats I can check how many times an item has sold. My set of bird beads – these ones in particular – are favourites. This means I end up selling a few sets a week which means there are often pans of birds in the oven at my shop. Which occasionally makes for fun conversation starters.


I am not the neatest, most organized person. I’ve improved over the years but my beads will never be my favourite organized thing since I actually sort of LIKE them in big bowls of mixed colours. My assistant – aka Chloe – likes her crayons and her beads all in colour and size order though and has tackled the task.