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Come Meet Some Friends

I’m pretty lucky – I’ve had some success selling my beads and canes online. And even more awesome people like them enough to include them in items they choose to sell themselves. In an effort to be a bit more sociable I’m going to start featuring others and I figured where better to start?

theposhpalace beaded bracelet ThePoshPalace makes impressive jewelry and has a few pieces with my beads. The earrings to match this bracelet are here.

Check out this lanyard that had custom green rose beads as well.

Curlynetto picked up a set of my crimson roses beads and made this lanyard.

It would be the perfect seasonal lanyard, too, with tones of red and green and plenty of sparkle.

blushing rose beaded lanyard
TheColorofDreams purple beads Patricia of theColorofDreams makes beautifully finished beads with, among others, my canes. My lavender dahlia and purple rose work beautifully on this pretty set.

I see some of my canes on other beads in her shop. All top notch work which makes my inner perfectionist happy.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Today I am taking a break from busily making stock for upcoming shows and decided to do much needed tidying of my desk. My desk has developed strata again. As I worked through the stacks I unearthed a baggie of necklaces I’m to repair or restring for my mom and in there is the very first clay necklace I made.

Old Marbly Beads New Marbly Beads

After counting back on my fingers I realized that was 10 years ago this fall! Wow! Time flies. The irony in this is that those first marbled beads are not much different than some of what I’ve made for this years shows – little red and green marbled beads. As I recall, that necklace was pretty much a straight take on a tutorial in a fun beading book: book book. I made a lot of variations that first fall!

I also made a ton of cute little pins with clay characters glued to them and learned one lesson: hot glue does not work with poly clay. Oops. So not all my first efforts are things I am still doing!

Making Candy Corn

There’s an update to this tutorial, with a video, here.

I’ve never tasted the stuff. Yes, I know, I am missing a significant cultural part of my life. But I did MAKE some this week – clay candy corn that is. I wanted another quick, simple motif to add to the fabric of some pillow beads and this was just about my speed.

You need a lump of off-white, a slightly bigger lump of orange, and a little larger lump of yellow. I used Premo! for all three – white with a crumb of ecru, orange with a pea of ecru to dull it down and yellow with a pea of ecru for the same reason.

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