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A Beady Ah-Ha!

When I made this necklace, I needed to figure out a way to get the flowers to sit flat and not dangle around like they do for most of the pieces I make with this type of bead. I still wanted to be able to use the pretty stacked seed beads on a headpin for the center. Nothing if not picky huh?

Bead Dangle

My solution ended up to make it a wrapped figure eight loop in the back. Still using a two inch headpin,  instead of a single loop, make a double one and bend it so it lays flat, parallel to the bead. I still had space to do a wrap at the top of the link, which keeps the bead from flopping around. Now the flower is ready to be added to your chain. One the white flower necklace there are little three or four link sections of chain in between each flower.

Bead Dangle

Beads Baubles and Bowls

Beads, baubles and bowls essentially describes my finished work! Sometimes that’s more apparent than others as I clear the tables and photograph their residents.

Big Mirror Image Beads

This was a big batch of big mirror image beads – the smaller ones are still an inch long – that are fabulous hot colours. They will probably get strung up casually for several vaguely ethnic inspired pieces.

Sea Garden Pillow Bracelet

Here’s a wireworked bracelet (I wired everything before I began clay and it’s still my preferred technique) with a combination of my pillow beads and bead slices. I like the variety you get with the change in type of beads and I am going to explore this theme more this year.

It's Bright! Coffee Tones Ring Bowl
Inside Ring Bowl 3 Seasonal Ring Bowl

What can I say? I’m a sucker for bowls. These are a few of the latest batch of ring bowls I’ve made with the glass inners. They are instant gratification as far as vessels go.

New Colours

Wow! Crazy bead making week! But in with the tablespoon of crazy was a nice scoop of productive. I got the initial batches and photos of my latest two colour schemes setup.


This is latte, a sort of lighter version of my very popular coffee tones. It is all cream to dark brown, monochromatic so it should be an excellent neutral. It pairs well with the coffee tones, the crimsons and the sea garden colours right off which means I have some ‘sperimenting to do.

Forest Flower

Forest flowers is a remake of a batch that has sold out a few times on Etsy – forest green background with forest toned flowers all over it. The rusty coloured mum cane is still my favourite.