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Random Projects

I’m sure I can’t be the only intensely crafty person who has a dozen projects on the go, all at various stages. In 2 or 3 mediums. I usually try to limit it to 4 or 5 at a time so that they have a chance of getting finished instead of just multiplying and shoving into stacks. The summer is a bad time for this though since it’s when I have time to do experimenting and prototyping.

On my Desk

I’m working on making small pins with caned elements. The owl is one type, using mostly caned elements and a little antiquing. The sculptural flowers are another. And I’m starting on the Christmas ornaments. I’ve been making glass ball ornaments for years and little sculpted animal ones for a couple. I’m taking a page out of the books of other talented clayers and combining the efforts. The little turquoise bird is the first bird and still needs a few painted details.

When my guy came by the table with the ornaments he stopped and asked me if I knew what month it was. Had to explain I wasn’t going to want to be experimenting with new techniques in September… I’d want them to be selling. So goofing off now.

Newest Beads

And there are, of course, a steady stream of beads and canes coming out of the workshop. Some normality exists in my universe!

The Other Clay

When I do shows I often get asked or told my work must be pottery. And I have to explain that no, it’s polymer or plastic clay. Once it cures it’s plastic. Lightweight, brightly coloured awesomeness. When I attempted to jury in for the craft council, I was juried partially by potters. Finally, I decided I had to give the pottery a try and I enrolled in a wheel throwing class at the local art gallery.

Finished First Pottery Attempts

I also dragged my kiddo along. Together we made our fair share of little crooked dishes, bowls and pots. The edges are thick, the bottoms are a mess and so solid they could double as weapons. I love them to bits.

Finished First Pottery Attempts

Ornamentation is completely different with this stuff. The process is not nearly as instant gratification as polymer clay is. We worked with medium fire clays and a limited palette of glazes. Embellishments were simple.

Finished First Pottery Attempts

I can now honestly say that this stuff, at least the way we did it, is precious little like polymer. I bought a few more boxes of clay to play with and I will hopefully crank out a few other pieces this summer as I go along with my first love. I hope to use a few of the tools I have from my polymer addiction to good effect with the clay. Pottery was so much fun just because it’s so different. If you get the chance I’d recommend giving it a shot.