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Week 20: Then There Were Butterflies


Part of selling my work online is taking custom requests. In this case, a good customer asked for a whole pile of different coloured butterfly canes. I had been procrastinating on making more – big project making them – but used this request as motivation to Get On It. And that lead to a weekend of butterfly making. You can see some of the process in my Instagram stream. And the canes will be available over in my Etsy shop pretty quickly.

Other customers had different requests and that lead to zinnias and mums and roses. So it was definitely the week of canes.

Week 18: Flower Pile


Like a lot of the weeks I made… flower beads! And, really, that’s pretty much my job. There are a couple orders on my bench for butterfly canes and more complex beads but they weren’t at the Ready to Photograph stage yet so they’ll get done up in week 19 along with the new jewellery. Which I put… somewhere. I love having a great big space to work in but it also means it is a great big space to put teeny tiny things in and then promptly forget where I put the teeny tiny things.

Week 12: Back to Beads

polymer clay bead sample

This week was back to being about beads since there were orders and beady things to do. I snapped a picture of a sample of what went by the bead table this week – African violets, crocus, little strawberries, seashells and gingko leaves. It’s a bit of a variety but that makes the job more fun.

garden bracelet

A customer wandered into the studio earlier in the week and asked for a custom bracelet which I whipped up. The garden bracelets are fun because they use my flowers and charms but also because they let me sift through my pile of random stones, glass and metal bits. I collect cute beads and sparkly bit, often without a real plan for using them, so it’s nice to see them find a home!