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Week 12: Back to Beads

polymer clay bead sample

This week was back to being about beads since there were orders and beady things to do. I snapped a picture of a sample of what went by the bead table this week – African violets, crocus, little strawberries, seashells and gingko leaves. It’s a bit of a variety but that makes the job more fun.

garden bracelet

A customer wandered into the studio earlier in the week and asked for a custom bracelet which I whipped up. The garden bracelets are fun because they use my flowers and charms but also because they let me sift through my pile of random stones, glass and metal bits. I collect cute beads and sparkly bit, often without a real plan for using them, so it’s nice to see them find a home!

Week 11: Scrappy Eggs

polymer clay easter egg

There’s a degree of irony that I got to making Christmas ornaments before I did Easter eggs, I admit. Most years I buy a pack or 2 of plastic eggs, try them out in the oven. Watch at least one melt into plastic art. Then cover the survivors in clay and make random things. Since I don’t usually have shows before Easter, I rarely make them to sell and they end up given away or in the Box of Odd Experiments.

This egg got the full treatment – testing (yay! it didn’t melt like it’s friend did). Covered in pale coloured scrap clay. Then I sliced up the last of my favourite Stroppel cane and covered my egg-periment of the year. A little sanding and buffing made for a nifty egg everyone seemed to like here.

Week 10: Sidetracked by Dragons

I made beads and canes and all the usual stuff this week, really I did. Then I got sidetracked by an on again off again project: making a dragon ornament. For the fall, I make birds and sheep and cats but one of the first I tried (and failed) at was a dragon.

It’s not that I can’t whip up a dragon. I can. I can do a Christi style dragon. I can make a fairly complex dragon. It’s that I couldn’t a) get it to work on a round ball, b) be Elaine style and c) not take 8 hours. So I toodled along on and off, including this week, and suddenly it worked.

Go figure. Now I want to make a pile of ‘em. Ornaments don’t only need to happen at Christmas right?