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Building New Work

I joke to the parents of the kids I teach that drawing is the gateway drug for art. I’m probably at least partly right though. I make dimensional objects but I almost always start out with sketches or doodles of what I have in mind and then progress through prototypes in clay or branching off from previous, successful designs.


This week I also lucked out and have extra help to blend a whole pile of my on hand clay into great colour mixes. My clay mixer prefers doing this part rather than doing the more complicated construction tasks so I’ll end the week with a lot of good starting materials ready to continue those design ideas with.

Pile of Blends

Week 12: Owl Beads

Owl Beads

A few years ago I made a batch of focal beads from a great owl face cane. I made a lot of that cane. It’s made stacks of pins and other things too. And like all face canes there’s so much left it’s unbelievable. The beads have sold out so now onto a fresh batch because that’s what you do.

I like making “river rock” shaped beads. They’re soothing to hold later.

Week 11: Bucket of Spring

Bucket of Spring

The little beads that need drilling, sanding, glazing or sorting into bags get put into these cute buckets on my studio shelves to await their turn on the table. Today I drilled the pile needing holes and realized they were a whole bucket of spring. Little robins, bluey birds, crocuses and tulips. With scads of butterflies which we won’t get until well into the summer but I’m an optimist.

So I did what all happy bead and button jar owners do and poured them out to play with.

The buckets I use for organizing are from Ikea. They’re adorable and come in lots of sizes.