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Week 27: In Progress

The 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge project by KatersAcres has been great for me to get posting regularly again but it’s supposed to be for completed pieces each week. Most weeks my completed pieces are beads so this is easy peasy but this week, somehow, nothing that got finished got a vanity shot before it headed out the shop door. So we have an in progress sort of week.


There are beads being drilled and varnished. This is a mainstay in the shop. I have little buckets for each stage – needs holes, needs sanding, needs varnish, needs sorting. Some beads just get holes and then jump to the last stage. Some linger until there’s enough to run the tumbler. As orders come in I make a few extras to add shop stock or make finished pieces of my own so sometimes the beads pile up into interesting collections.


On the other end of the work bench – I have an old, 12 foot counter I use as a work bench – are some sheets of clay getting covered. They will be used for a crochet hook experiment. Covering the hooks should be fairly straightforward but it’ll be the first time I’ve tried a CA(cyanoacrylate or super glue) finish on a piece. There will be a few experiment beads *first*. The finish on the sample piece someone sent me is lovely so I’d be happy to add it to my repertoire if the process isn’t too crazy.

Week 26: This Week for the Birds


When I scroll through my Etsy stats I can check how many times an item has sold. My set of bird beads – these ones in particular – are favourites. This means I end up selling a few sets a week which means there are often pans of birds in the oven at my shop. Which occasionally makes for fun conversation starters.


I am not the neatest, most organized person. I’ve improved over the years but my beads will never be my favourite organized thing since I actually sort of LIKE them in big bowls of mixed colours. My assistant – aka Chloe – likes her crayons and her beads all in colour and size order though and has tackled the task.

Week 25: Summer Begins


Because I have a child who is still a student I have a school year based view of “summer”. Summer really gets going when the kid finishes up her classes. This year that also means I have full time help for a couple of months and there will be some serious production happening. We’re off to a good start on our first day with almost full batches made of the above representatives… something that takes me two or three days in the shop normally.