So, I made a video where I somehow missed filming the first few moments of building the snowflake cane I used in part of it. Here’s the steps for a very basic snowflake cane in two colours of polymer clay. In the video I made this with about an ounce of clay over all and used white and navy blue.

Step 1 – Make a triangle shaped wedge out of your background colour. Mine was navy blue. Aim for a right angle triangle (one with a square corner).

Step 2 – Insert strips of white to make the snowflake design. We’re making 1/2 of one spoke of a six sided snowflake. I’ve added two strips in at angles and one down the side and they are about a 3 setting on my Atlas pasta machine.

Step 3 – Reduce your wedge until it’s a few inches long. I like getting it to be a few inches long at this point. Cut it in half.

Step 4 – Join your two halves to form a whole snowflake petal and then reduce it long enough to cut it into six pieces. I recommend 12 inches / 30cm

Step 5 – Cut your piece into six smaller segments. Roll yourself a small snake of white clay.

Step 6 – Arrange your six segments around the little snake of white clay. Add an outside wrap of background colour and voila you’ve got your snowflake!