I had the most frustrating experience the other day. While on the drive home from a craft fair I was trying to describe the shade of purple I that had been most popular in my inventory. I was describing it to someone who is familiar with my work and has a good eye but is not familiar with the various clays I might use. My Mom suggested the colour was lavender and I was pretty sure it was more of an indigo.

It made me wonder what was in a colour name.

Name that Colour

So a bit of research was called for and I found out that the colour I wanted was, indeed, ‘Lavender’. At least according to a chart I am familiar with, the one used for web developers and computer graphic artists.

You can find it on the list here:


A lot of the colour names don’t match up to what you’d think but I was just happy to have a starting place!

I will go back through my colour chips and charts and match up some names to my chart colours so we’re spared more of the embarassment I had – admitting my Mom was right!

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