I’m a bit obsessive about the idea that people should never stop learning. The belief extends to my art and craft life. The journey compels me to not only learn to improve my work but to help anyone else I can pin down long enough to learn about this very cool medium.

At some point there got to be a huge list of links in the sidebar there – and rather than go and fuss with the sidebar code again I decided I would annotate some of them here, hopefully clarify a bit.


I ramble a lot about colours in clay. Not happy with that, I went and mixed hundreds of colours to figure out the formulas. The charts for 3 of these colour wheels are on their respective pages: Premo Cobalt Blue Cadmium Red Cadmium Yellow , Premo Turquoise Fuschia Zinc Yellow , Premo Ultramarine Blue Alizarin Crimson Cadmium Yellow


Most of my interest in polymer clay are in making canes and beads. Along the way I make tools to help with this.

Currently, I have a tutorial for: Six Petal Flower Cane, Shaded Leaf Cane, Flower Center Cane, Skinner Blend Plugs, Heart Cane, Ivy Leaf Cane, and Mapping Canes.

Tips & Tricks

You can also take a look at my blog posts in the Tips & Tricks category. I intend to stick the *really* mini-tutorial rambles in there: Tips & Tricks