Quick and easy calculations for your cane-making. Use these figures to find out how many 2oz. packs your cane will take. The measurements are currently in imperial (inches).

Premo & Fimo Volumes

A 2oz. pack of Premo has a volume of 2.789 and Fimo (both classic and soft) has one of 2.258. This number gets used in finding how much we need for our canes. If you are mixing and matching, use the smaller value (the Fimo) to be safe. That way you won’t be short.

Square Cane Volume

Square (or rectangle) canes are simple – length times width times height. So a cane that has a 2″ by 2″ face and is 6″ long goes like this:

2 x 2 x 6 = 24

24 / 2.789 =8.605

To make that cane you would need just about 9 packs of Premo!

Round Cane Volume

Round or cylinder canes are a little more bother – pi times radius squared times the length. So a cane like the previous one with a diameter (the whole width of the circle – R = 1/2 of the diameter) of 2″ and a length of 6″ goes like:

1 x 1 x 3.141592 x 6 = 18.85

18.85 / 2.789 = 6.789

To make the cane, you would need just about 7 packs of Premo!

Figuring It Out

Once you have the volume of your cane – which you can estimate by reading a tutorial, often or by deciding ahead of time how much you’d like to have to use – you take the volume and divide it by the volume of a package of clay.

In our examples we used the packages of Premo to figure out how many packages of Premo our canes needed.

V / 2.789 = how many packages of Premo clay you’ll need

V / 2.258 = how many packages of Fimo clay you’ll need


All these numbers are based on 2oz packages of Premo, Fimo Soft and Fimo Classic. Premo weighs 57g and measures 2.789″ in volume. Fimo Soft weighs 56g and measures 2.258″ in volume . Fimo Classic weighs 63g but measures the same 2.258″ in volume that Fimo Soft does.