heart polymer clay caneJust in time for Valentines Day, a very simple, very fast heart cane. The cane makes sweet little candies or message hearts on a doll size scale. The cane can be used by itself for buttons, scrapbook elements, beads or charms or combined into a larger cane.

This makes a small cane, 2″ long. The heart is only a bit more than half an inch wide and tall when done. If you want MORE cane, increase your starting ingredients.

What you need:

  • a small amount of heart coloured clay, half a package will easily make the cane in this tutorial
  • an extruder, like Makins Professional Extruder with a 1/4″ square, 3/8″ half round and 1/4″ right-angle triangle
  • a work surface, a sharp blade and a ruler

Making The Heart

heart polymer clay cane

Condition your clay well. It makes it easier to extrude. Fill the extruder barrel with your clay, attach your first disc, the half circle. Extrude 4 inches of this. Cut it in half. Unscrew the ring, change discs to the square, extrude 2 inches. Unscrew, change the disc to the triangle, extrude six inches. Cut this into 3 pieces.

heart polymer clay cane

Assemble your pieces as in the diagram. You’ll need to slightly squish and shape the bottom triangle to make it the right shape for this. Compress and round the heart a bit to make it an attractive shape.

heart polymer clay cane

What to Do

I actually took the whole first cane I made and baked it, just as it was. I cut the still warm cane into slices for buttons and charm beads. The second one I made, I used some scrap colours, outlined it in gold and packed it in translucent to make a slicing cane.

heart polymer clay cane

heart polymer clay cane buttons