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Making Mints is Fun

That would be making polymer clay mints, of course. I had a post from 2010(!) about making candy canes and I decided to do an update of sorts. You can find starlight mints here especially around Christmas and they make great cane designs. I turned them into piles of beads and canes in my Etsy shop, too… because of course I did. I’m going to use a few little tiny slices for the buttons on this year’s clay gingerbread ornaments.

The update is a YouTube video. I used blends for the colour bars and it looks much more fun than the flat colour. Have a watch!

Backgroundless Flower Canes

More than a few of the beads I make are little shaped slices of flower canes. They, mostly, have no backgrounds to them and I guess that’s a bit of a trick. So I made a couple of videos about how I do that.

The first takes a petal cane – which could be anything, including a chunk of plain clay – I made from the scraps of blends in my box through making a flower cane. The second makes two types of beads from that cane, preserving the no background bit and resulting in flower shaped slice beads.

Backgroundless Flower Cane video
Backgoundless Flower Cane Beads video