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Weird Clay Trivia

I keep notes in list form everywhere, notepads full of it. One of my lists has weird clay trivia:

  • Premo Alizarin Crimson has speckles in it. You can see this in this rose cane made with it
  • Submerging clay items with translucent in them, in ice water right out of the oven really DOES seem to brighten and clarify the translucent. No clue why
  • Yellow and black clay does not make darker or saddened yellow. It makes olive green. To make a saddened yellow use a browny-grey
  • Liquid clay, a transfer medium, is much more useful as a clay glue, top coat and icing maker
  • Baking some types of magnets decreases their strength
  • Hot glue, the magic of crafts, doesn’t work well with clay. Use epoxy or super glue instead
  • Clay tastes awful
  • You can add a few drops of oil to soften stiff clay. A few drops of scented oil will soften AND scent clay

Any other weirdness you’ve noticed?