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Gone to the Birds

polymer clay bird beads

This time tomorrow, assuming all goes well, I’ll be in Toronto for the Etsy Captain’s Summit along with my Etsy Saskatchewan co-leaders. I haven’t been to Toronto in years. Heck, I haven’t flown in years. Which of course makes me a little anxious. Whenever I have to picture “anxious” I get birds. Ideas are bunnies in my case since they always seem to multiply. Anxiety is definitely, chirpy, squawky, pecking, fluttering birds. Maybe chickens.

As a result of being mildly anxious I’ve been a bead making machine the last few weeks including – with no trace of irony – a lot of bird beads. Which you can find in my Etsy shop of course.

I will try to relax and enjoy my trip to Etsy Canada and come back with my head full of idea bunnies rather than anxiety birds

The Aftermath

Last week we climbed in the car and headed from Swift Current to Coquitlam. We’re talking 17 hours here folks! I set up for the bead show, sold a few beads. I bought beads too, of course:

Bead Show Goodies

This isn’t the masses I usually grab because there were no great bargains so I just went with the higher end goodies in a small dose. I did have the great fortune to meet or run into other beady types including a few other polymer clay artists. It was so cool to be able to talk clay to others!

After the show we spent a little more time in the Vancouver area and went to the aquarium. I snapped a picture of the jellyfish right before my camera battery died (and, yes, I brought the wrong replacement battery):


All in all the trip was good and educational but as with all travel things I’m happy to be back home in my little comfy studio doing my thing.