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Time Passes

I am guilty of not always being mindful of the time passing. Part of that is, probably, you go nuts if you sit and wait on the days going by. But there is a saying I first read in the Happiness Project: The days are long but the years are short.


So I do try to keep tabs on the big things. These are the first tulips up – I live in a fairly cold climate – in the front of the house. This is my first spring here so I knew there would be day lilies later having seen them last year but I didn’t realize there were tulips! Except for the few the deer scrabbled at during the winter.

The Best Sort of Mail

I’ve been steadily ordering in jewelrymaking supplies for my big shows coming up and leading into the fall. Always nice to get in the mail. The only sad part is I couldn’t jump right into making because I had orders to finish first. This week though!

On My Table

And of course, what’s on the table. One day, I swear, I am going to replace the blue material of that table with white or beige just to get nicer photographs for my blog! Talk about vanity 🙂

The beads are mostly swirl pendants for keychains and necklaces and tab shaped Natasha (inside out) beads. I took about 5lbs of scrap canes, clay and other bits and ends, divided some by colour and chopped and tossed with judicious additions of pearls, white, and black. It makes good random beads.