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Thankful Again

The American Thanksgiving holiday happens about 6 weeks after the Canadian one and while I can live without the extra frenzy of eating I have to admit that I can definitely do with another opportunity to be publicly thankful. Sometimes the only difference between being happy and the opposite is picking to be thankful and positive about what you have rather than regretful or pessimistic about what is lacking.

Heart in Hand

So here are a few clay-related things I am profoundly thankful for:

  • The amazing clay community that has nurtured me
  • A medium that pretty much can do anything
  • The chance to help evangelize a relatively new art using another favourite medium (the Internet!)

One clay thing I am profoundly UN-thankful for:

  • Sanding to achieve the effect I like. I think this one has more to do with my own personality flaws though!