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Snowflakes and Birds

Snowing. Again

The pretty, fluffy snowflakes of doom. Not really but I swear I am sincerely sick of snow. It has been a snowy, cold winter and we JUST had a couple less snowy, cold days. Now back to the white stuff. Harrrumph.

Blue Bird Cane

This cheery guy always makes me smile when I make a batch. I took pictures as I went of one of my bird canes. Yes, I work on Sundays. This is what happens when the chores are caught up, TV is caught up, the books are read, the weather is miserable and you really love your job.

Not to mention the bead show is less than 3 weeks away. Eep!

The Batches

Quietly productive Sunday – I made a few of the tiny flat back beads for post earrings. I’ll have to get those glued up and ready to go this week. Here’s a few of the lil cherry blossoms:

Little Proto-Earrings

And I finished up a tray of swirly pendants which are on their way to the tumbler. The beige rectangles are going to be for textured, caned pendants. I make the bases first so that pieces don’t keep moving and squishing as I work at them.


I guess this episode of Sunday Stuff is all about the batches. Since most of my work is selling my crafts, I have lots of spots where I can use batching techniques. Today, that was making lots of flat back beads. And serious quantities of pendants. These are bread and butter pieces that I price to move at shows which means they get done a few times a year in big stacks.