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Weekend Sunshine

The theme of this weekend was sunshine. As in: too much of it. Here’s a few highlights while I hide in the basement with water all week.

The Tent

When not being used at outdoor shows – which is oh… most of the year – my little pop up gets used for family parties!

Pool Refugee

The party house has a big pool where we spent most of the day but we had few guests that were not impressed like this monster. By this point in the summer, they all look like helicopters to me.

Figured it out!

And then because one day being in the water and sun was not enough for me, we did it the next day too. Out on the lake with friends, their boat and a ton of sun.

Company on the Boat

Some of the company was pretty darned adorable though, I have to admit!

Now, back to clay in my nice, shady cave. How was YOUR weekend?