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Other People’s Studios

Since I moved from a small apartment to a house at the end of June and picked up my own office-studio-cave in the process, I’ve been a tad obsessed on how it should get set up.

Part of that obsession has resulted in me stalking the studio, home office and craft room groups on Flickr. And then there’s the results for a simple Google image search on ‘craft room organization’.

book on womens work spaces

I found a book in the library – amidst the other house decorating books – called: Where Women Create: Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women by Jo Packham.

Overall, the studios are overdecorated and cutesy for my taste but you could easily just pick and choose ideas to take away. I was happy to see a whole, contemporary, book devoted to professional craft artists work spaces.

I have to admit that I haven’t got my little space quite how I want it yet – it will require some more TLC and different wall shelves but it has gotten good use even as it is. I am hunting up textiles at the local thrift shops after seeing a few of the amazing simple sewing projects Lisa has done with such the last two years.

Post Move

I have this whole series of studio building posts in mind but moving has resulted in more mess than I was able to imagine. And my imagination is excellent! So here’s a little clip from the garden where I had ladybugs earlier.


The last of my furniture and shelves came with my stepdad yesterday. That means the bookshelves and racks are here which will help with the unpacking since the stuff will have a place to stay.

My studio thus far – and yes, the first functional spot is the computer station – is chaos. In two weeks when Lloyd gets back from scout camp he promised to help me out with wall shelves and I should be ready to put baseboards and window trims in then too.

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