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Batches Are My Friend

I volunteer at the local public art gallery. On Sunday afternoons with a ton of the first snow of the season out there… it was dead. I usually try to work on arts and crafts while there to promote my classes and general art love and this Sunday was no exception. I prepped and made 3 pounds of skinner blends in all sorts of colours.


I have all of these ambitious goals for production and sales but really the only way it will work is if I am efficient. This means, where possible, working in batches. Next up is making those blends into what the schedule says they need to be. Yes, I have a production schedule. Sometimes I even stick to it. So these are some of the “big” canes that will get backgrounds.

Blend to Cane

The backgroundless canes that turn into big and small slice beads are on another table waiting to get chopped up into beads. After I get that plate of canes finished you can be some of those canes are going on these vases in one of my studio windows.

Future Projects

The Studio Tour

I moved in June of 2009 and became the proud owner of my Very Own Craft Room Studio Office. I planned to have a nice little blog post all about it last year. Now it’s October 2010. The bright side of this one is that it doesn’t matter if it’s a little late. So come on in:

First Stop on the Studio Tour

Our first stop is my “dry” station. I work on bead finishing and jewelrymaking here. This means that the table is dusty so it can’t go with the raw clay. The shelves have all the tools and random beads I use for this end of my business. The duct running above my table tends to get photos stuck to it with whatever magnets are handy. Over to the right, in the corner, is the visiting station. You’ll often find Sam the studio mascot there. He’s a sweetie and helps with beads too.

Station Two on the Studio Tour

This is the brain centre and shipping area. My shipping gets done here – the mail sorter on the shelf usually has outgoing mail in it and the little boxes have various papers, forums and other odds and ends. Receipts and invoices get boxed up top and a few other tools with room to expand a little as needed. To the left are my lovely little Ikea Fira boxes which get used at shows as displays but also as item storage in my studio.

Final Stop on the Studio Tour

Finally we have the clay station. The table is always covered in random clay projects. The shelves contain, as much as possible, only clay related tools and materials. The little roller cart along side the table has more of the same.

The walk-in closet beside the table has seasonal clothes storage (boooooring!) and larger studio tools – my buffer, old files, my baking trays, boxes of coverables, craft show totes and displays. The bookcase has my reference materials, magazines that need processing, shelves and baskets that need sorting… but basically office supplies, current open files, catalogues and supplies that need to find other homes.

Phew! Now I’ve gone and outed my studio. I feel much better.

My Clay Table

Indulge me in a little creative procrastination. Or productive avoidance. Anyways. I’m avoiding a bead order I should be working on by taking pictures of the clay table in my office. It’s a 5 foot by 2 foot counter top on trestle legs. I’m hoping to have it be white soon because the blue of it is harsh on colour picking.

The Clay Table

If you click the picture, I have notes on the Flickr image. But mostly it’s crowded on the one end because that end is where my chair and computer desk are. So I tend to work where I can swivel back and forth. The far end has my shelves, organizer and my pasta machine. If I shove the chair I can roll right there.

Current Project Ongoing Project

These are the projects on the go: beads in progress for the order and for my shop. Beads that need holes made from the last of a cane by the fabulous Kathi Gose.

Blend Inspiration

And some clay that needs to be tucked back in it’s home and blends that need to be caned ASAP.

The Shelves

These are over the far end of the table and are currently in a sort of ‘See if it works’ arrangement. The very top shelf will hold jewelrymaking supplies as I use those less often. The two below have tubs of cane pieces, various clays, tools, wraps, tiles, glass, cutters… you name it. We see my little Atlas and the green rolling cart in the lower right. The cart has the sort of random additions you can’t live without: more cutters, molds, stencils, sandpaper, pointy things, paints, inks, chalk, brushes, glitter, mica and general chaos.

OK, confessing to this insanity has cured my absent motivation. I now want to go hide and finish the dang beads.