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Desk Full of Spring

Little polymer clay beads are one of the happy things in my world. Which is good because there’s a fair number of them in my world, too. Here’s a few of the latest:

Spring in a Pile

These are wild petunia (the light purple), violets, crocus and little white accent flowers. The petunias could be another type of violet easily enough. I could spend MONTHS poking through Google Images looking at flowers. I probably have, actually.

For you local folk who read here: I’ll be volunteering at the Art Gallery from 1-5 this afternoon which means I’ll ALSO be working on my clay projects. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll get up to but I figure some blends at least. I always need to do those.

Chasing Ladybugs

Chasing Ladybugs

I’m spending part of Chloe’s spring break out in Swift Current, the town I move to in June. While my guy was tinkering with the garage he framed last fall, I went and started clearing the debris out of the bushes and flower beds. I may not get the chance to put much in this year – we move at the end of June – but it’ll get a little TLC at least.

I must have found dozens of ladybugs as I picked up the extra leaves and big sticks. My trusty, inexpensive little Olympus does nifty macro shots.

Chasing Ladybugs

Next cane when I get home? Ladybug for sure.

Year of Clay – Little Bowls Spring 2008 Edition

The closest to spring I am getting this weekend are the little bowls I made to prepare for the craft show that got snowed out.

polymer clay bowls

These little guys are pretty much my favourite non bead items to make – enough space for a good selection of cane slices but not enough that I am cursing every slice by the end of it. Likewise for finishing – big enough to hold to sand, small enough that it’s only a few minutes a grit.

At the show yesterday one of the brave souls who ventured in picked one up, told me it was lovely. I thanked her and she asked well, what do you DO with them?

I guess that’s a good question 🙂 They’re only about 2″ across. I use mine for holding rings and change on my night table. A friend uses hers for the dry spices at her raclettes and fondues.