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Halloween is Coming

Even though spring 2020 was about 3 years long and summer is barely here I’m prepping my online shops for fall stuff because a) shipping is taking FOREVER and b) I really like Halloween things. They’re fun to make. They run the gamut from spooky to silly. I made a fresh Jack O Lantern and a silly cobweb bead. There will be another black cat against the moon bead and some more Halloween themed canes – you can keep an eye on what shows up in my Etsy shop for Halloween goods here.

In a sort of reverse chronology I’ll also have some autumn leaves (and just a lot more leaves in general) showing up in my Etsy shop (and my site shop, after) next week and then we’ll be onto the Christmas in July releases.

Belatedly Following Trends

An Etsy customer asked if I could make her little acorn pendants of a certain size. I’d resisted jumping on the acorn bead boat because a lot of my fellow clayers were already there but I’d pretty much decided to make a few just before I got the inquiry. This was good timing.


She bought the whole lot I’d made but I’ll make a few more and some caned ones to use as “disc” beads, too. Trying to make a few more offerings based on cane slices that would fit nicely in with the rest.