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Batches Are My Friend

I volunteer at the local public art gallery. On Sunday afternoons with a ton of the first snow of the season out there… it was dead. I usually try to work on arts and crafts while there to promote my classes and general art love and this Sunday was no exception. I prepped and made 3 pounds of skinner blends in all sorts of colours.


I have all of these ambitious goals for production and sales but really the only way it will work is if I am efficient. This means, where possible, working in batches. Next up is making those blends into what the schedule says they need to be. Yes, I have a production schedule. Sometimes I even stick to it. So these are some of the “big” canes that will get backgrounds.

Blend to Cane

The backgroundless canes that turn into big and small slice beads are on another table waiting to get chopped up into beads. After I get that plate of canes finished you can be some of those canes are going on these vases in one of my studio windows.

Future Projects