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September Ambles In

School started last week which means that we are struggling to get back to the regular routine. Of course, with the move from the city to here, from primary to middle school, the new bus route, we have the next set of challenges. So far, so good though!

September didn’t seem to rush in but more of a leisurely ambling walk in. I’m starting off the fall with a final mad organization and cleaning run in the studio as the season kicks into high gear. First off, my shelf with labeled tubs (I can’t really justify all the pretty brightly coloured boxes and cute vintage tins I see – little plastic containers are my budget) for beads in ‘process’ and the ones that are listed for sale on Etsy and Artfire. Elsewhere in the studio are other tubs with other Me labels… Ship Me, Make Me, Order Me and so on.


This last flash-arific picture is a DVD rack I grabbed at the thrift store. I think it’s a wall mount rack. I’ve repurposed it into an earring rack on my jewelry & shipping table. The little silver one beside it is a CD rack that was damaged in the move. I may finish damaging it and turn it into another rack.

Recycled Racks

How’s everyone else’s September starting out?