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Saturday Scenes: Spring is Near

Signs of Spring

Maybe next weekend, that little part in the middle that is wrapped tight around the flower, will be pushing up the tulip. It’s magic every year.


Until the real flowers show up, I have to make do with the ones I bake in the oven all the time.


From earlier in the week, while we were in Calgary, when I visited the zoo I noticed a theme: all of the critters were sitting in their enclosures enjoying the sun. The lions, tiger, leopards were so much like our little guy.

Saturday Scenes: Checking In

I’ll be the first to admit – there’s no pic of me in my check-in. I’m hard to photograph when I’m the camera holding person!

Checking In

Checking in from A Far

Cats, check! Our house cat, Sam, is still curious what I’m doing beside his sunny spot. Our feral kitty still won’t let us get within a few feet of her.

Checking In

My household

My not-a-morning-person went from sprawled in bed to sprawled on couch. And the guy was mobile and ready to go save the day nice and early. Save the day being an in joke about fixing all the busted computers and gizmos he comes across for his day job (and side job!).

As for, I’m finishing packing and planning for our few days out of town!