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Sundog Handcraft Faire

This is where I’ll be this weekend! If you’re anywhere near Saskatoon, you should be too. There’s a great variety of artists and it’s a well run and well attended show.

If you’d like a little more information about Sundog, their website has all the goods.

And, if for some reason, you’re NOT in Saskatoon on the weekend, my Etsy team has a show in Regina. You can look here for all the details about that bit of awesome.

What are the Odds?

This Saturday I was doing a show in Herbert, Saskatchewan. Same place as I did my very successful Highway 1 Studio Tour earlier in the fall. The town itself is small with about 740 people in it but so far they all seem to be NICE people. I noticed one odd thing though – at this one show in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan there were five different Etsy shops represented.


Mine. Ignore the lopsided green cloth, by the time I saw it everything was setup and there was no way to straighten it.

Wood River Creations

Wood River Creations
makes nifty wooden jewelry. She’s from Gravelbourg, somewhere not too far I’m told. My Saskatchewan geography is still lacking.

Cindys Creative Crochet

This is my bud Cindy crocheting away madly.

New Leaf Handmade

These guys
are actually two sisters from Herbert. I’m considering the pillow covers for my daughters pillows instead of sewing my own. I know, pillows are not exactly brain surgery to cover but… yeah.

Pixie Dust Homemade

This shop is actually another pair of sisters, cousins to New Leaf. They’re just getting going on Etsy with a selection of jewelry, crochet and small painted handcrafts.

So, I ask, what are the odds of finding five of us in one spot?

Wired at the Ring Lord

Before I got into clay – yes, there was a Before – I did jewelry with wire and chain. I STILL use wire and chain but back then the Wire was the big part of it. So this weekend when I moseyed on over to Saskatoon to do the 20th Annual Christmas Fair at the Western Development Museum I also got to visit the Ring Lord. The Ring Lord is a wire worker and chain mailler’s dream and it’s comparatively close to me. In Calgary it was 8 hours away.

Ring Lord Field Trip

We got to stare at the sheer volume of wire and rings everywhere…

Ring Lord Field Trip

see the industrial maille maker in action…

Ring Lord Field Trip

and even roped the very patient proprietor into posing with us (well, with Cindy) for a picture.

Ring Lord Field Trip

Everyone was very patient with my fan girl clicking away and ooo-ing over all the pretty wire. There’s a few more pics over on Flickr.