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Big Huge Goals

I’m not always a fan of New Year’s resolutions because they seem to almost invite the inevitable failure but I am always making new goals (and I make them or I don’t, I think the failure is valuable as long as you made an effort). So, for 2012, I have a few clay and business related ones to share with my world. You guys can keep me honest since it turns out goals you make in front of people have a better chance of success due to the idea that you’ll be held accountable.

  • Pick up the pace on my blogging here and on CraftGossip both in volume and content
  • Get into the tutorial-for-sale market. I have a few ready to go. Just a matter of putting them out there
  • Work on surface, texture and sculpting related techniques
  • Improve my jewellery finish work
  • Learn how to make molds, stamps, screens, texture sheets, cutters and stencils. Some to use for clay, some to learn how it’s all done
  • Improve my bookkeeping and organizational skills. Wish me luck, this is my biggest challenge
  • Use all of the above to improve my business and income