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New Ideas

Every now and then, I have an idea. Odd, I know. So the other day while helping out with my production work, the boyfriend got ahead of what I had planned. I passed him scraps to blend. They made a pretty rainbow which turned into these pretty rainbow beads:

Random Rainbows

So there’s a stack of these with a little variation (depending on how they got rolled up). I doodled some of my brain waves –

We have earrings. I think some of them will have to be earrings. Bright fun earrings.

I don’t make stitch markers but one of my favourite teamies and customers, Heather of RyCrafty, makes stitch markers like these. So the idea occurred to me.

And finally, I think some will be buttons. because they could be really cute buttons.

When you all are brainstorming how do you go about figuring what you’ll clay? And if you, like me, make supplies… how do you determine what you’ll make as the end product?