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Beads on my Table

Little Fairie Flowers

There are always beads on my table.

Baked Things

Sometimes there’s LOTS of beads on my table. Especially when it’s a bake-more-than-one-pan day like today…

More Baked Things

Mostly all of those beads get holes or a little paint or varnish or sanding but I did actually turn a few of them into a daisy chain bracelet.

Daisy Chain Bracelet

When I first started beading I used to make miles of daisy chains. Years later I made the first of these tiny little flower beads (they’re 1/2″ or less across). They’re cute but I don’t use them for much except as dangles on bigger pieces. This is a prototype because I’d love some simple “wrap” style bracelet with these. This one is strung on memory wire with a firm hook loop to help it keep it’s shape. The leaves dangle from part of the clasp.

What’s on YOUR bead table? Have a look at the rest of the BTW group.