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Week 6: Crafty Procrastination Beads

Procrastination Beads

I’m currently struggling with an order that requires a little thinking. Not much but just enough that I keep avoiding it. Sometimes, this means I do a dozen other semi-related projects on the way to the one. In this case… many, many beads including a few that are really far off my norm like the little soccer ball beads (right out of Yonat’s useful little tutorial).

The teal and brown flower discs were a tangent from yet ANOTHER avoided project. I told myself I would make petal canes to sell in my Etsy shop. I keep trying to make cute petal canes and not use them but er… I fail. This is one of the results. I’ll probably list some of the beads though! Or use them all, like last time.

The thinking part of the order is that I have to slightly alter my regular rose cane to make a more furled, cabbage rose like rose cane. The slices of lavender rose disc in the bead pile are my first try on this and I like it. The shading and shaping need a little playing with yet.

The Fine Art of Procrastination

What I Avoid

I think we all have things we avoid doing and while some of mine are housework (mostly laundry, as above) a lot of them are work related tasks. This leads to productive procrastination in which I end up doing all sorts of other constructive things in order not to actually finish up what I should be doing. Today that lead to: writing blog posts, drilling many beads, doing that laundry, cleaning the kitchen, gardening, organizing beads, finishing canes and a whole pile of other small nagging tasks.

I did, eventually, buckle down and get the silly order sorted out and done. It’s in the oven curing now.

By the way, if you haven’t gone and looked part 3 of the Bead Soup Blog Party is today. You can check out Lori Anderson’s post and see the whole list.