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Meet Gingerbell

This week’s Smoosher is a special treat for me as it’s someone I know outside of the ArtFire Smoosher’s guild. My long time clay buddy and internet friend Ginger – we joined the message boards of Polymerclaycentral.com around the same time, years ago – of Rosedale, IN is also the talent behind Gingerbell’s Gifts on ArtFire.

There’s a couple items I’m partial to in her shop of course – she uses my canes on a few of them!

One thing Ginger is well known for is her beautiful bead weaving. She often surrounds her handmade polymer clay cabochons with intricate layers of seed bead weaving. This is one of my very favourite:

Outside of her jewelry, Ginger also crafts handmade soaps and candles. I know you’re not supposed to lick them but these look so tasty:

You can follow Ginger’s clay journey on her blog:

Visit her ArtFire Studio at:

* last week was my turn to get “Met” by the Smooshers! They wrote such sweet things!

Meet PositivelyCharming

The Smoosher of the week is PositivelyCharmingThings. Niki, of Phoenix, Arizona in the US, is a long time crafter though relatively recent clayer. She’s a great fan of Christi Friesen’s work and has a fondness for cutesy beads as she says in her bio.

Some of my favourite pieces in Niki’s studio includes the little blue bird earrings:

or this non-clay paua shell set:

Niki really DOES make absolutely adorable “cutesy” beads though:

Visit their studio at:

Follow their clay journey on their blog:

Meet FantasyClay

This week’s ArtFire Smoosher is Susan of FantasyClay from New Jersey, in the US. She’s been working with polymer clay for around 10 years she says and while most of her work is sculptural she tries to avoid being boxed in and attempts different techniques like beadmaking or caning.

FantasyClay is best know for her little custom Agricola pieces:

Myself, I’m always impressed with people who can sculpt and actually get something resembling what they set out for. FantasyClay has a studio full of cute critters, dragons and little figures like these guys:

Visit FantasyClay’s Studio
Join her clay journey on her blog
Follow her on Twitter