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Estimating What You’ll Get From a Cane

If you make polymer clay canes – as I do – you want to know how much goodness you’ll have to use after you reduce it. Luckily, estimating is an easy job for the average cane.

If I’m using my defaults which may be big for new, hobby clayers and tiny for others. My average new cane is about 2″ in diameter and 2″ long. I generally reduce canes down to half an inch wide. That means my final size is one sixteenth the original size on it’s face and *16 times* as long. You’ll always lose a little for reducing but basically for halving in the face of the cane – from 2″ to 1″ and then 1″ to 1/2″ for mine – you get 4 times as much in length.

Cut and Paste Scraps

Kaleidoscope Canes

I admire the clayers who make fabulous, flawless kaleidoscopes. Mine don’t usually make me happy and it always seems like a shame to waste perfectly good Skinner blends and clay when I could make a really nice flower cane. I do, however, worry less about what I do with my scraps because, really, who cares? I have so many. And I am not going to swirl them all.

A few handfuls are getting turned into fun k’scope blends. The two brighter ones were first tries and will look cute covering Easter eggs. The blue green one turned out pretty darned nice, with a good variety of complexities. I always call this sort of work cut and paste because you literally mix, reduce, cut, recombine or paste and then repeat.