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The Shop: Optimistic!


I live in one of the places where – as the internet joke says – the air hurts in the winter. This winter has been pretty mild with just a few days making me question why I live where the air hurts exposed skin. Still, I’m ready for spring. I like the little spring things: our yard robin coming back, little ladybugs in the garden, my tulips making a valiant effort in the front yard. In that optimistic spirit, I made fresh batches of spring things for the shop as well.

Week 3: Buttons!

Cane Slice Buttons

One thing I always seem to put off is making buttons. I make an outrageous number of beads and, to some extent, buttons are beads with two holes so you might rightly wonder why no buttons. So while I was making batches of beads this week I made some of those birds and flowers into buttons. And I made some simple patterned cut out buttons. And we’ll call that a good start.

Polymer Clay Buttons