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I Made Sparrows

I’ve been making beads and claythings a long time. I have plenty of good inspiration, some pretty original and successful designs… but sometimes the customers have great ideas. An administrator for a medical program saw some of my bird beads and asked if she could have sparrows. I have some plain brown birds I call sparrows but I wanted more realistic “house sparrows” (the ones that eat about half the seeds from my small bird feeder). And so I made them.

Other good customer ideas over the years: soccer and baseballs, cardinals, about half the colour schemes of beads I sell, some of the flag beads.

Have your customers and patrons helped you find New Things?

Week 4: Canes and Beads

Before my daughter left for university a few weeks ago she made her poor old mom a bunch of Skinner blends to use up. And, really, blends are like having the picture half done as far as canes go. I took a look through pictures of bouquets for inspiration and settled on one with lovely green mums, violet mums or dahlias, off white, green tinted roses and white daisies. I got caning.

The beads are currently tumbling right now but they were cute even heading in. The daisy cane was a little wobbly but at bead size that matters less. The green mum cane is good with nice contrast and good shape. There’s a good stack of beads in my tumblers because the To Sand pail was pretty full. That means lots of beads to work on in the coming week.

Week 2: Challenge Accepted

I missed Week 1 of this year’s polymer clay challenge – and I’ll probably miss a bunch of other weeks – while I was away in Calgary but I’m hopping in to week 2 with a few of this week’s beads.

It’s a pretty random collection of beads because I’m trying to use up some of the bead canes in my boxes as well as fill orders. Still, it made an interesting bead pile.

If you’re a polymer clayer interested in a weekly challenge, Katie runs a good group for it on Facebook. You can find the information in her post here. And I suppose since this is beads on a Wednesday it qualifies as a Bead Table Wednesday post, too!