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The Simple Things

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US – it was 6 weeks ago here, in Canada, and I didn’t even have to toss leftovers out unseen this time – and today marks the shopping frenzy called Black Friday. There’s even a bit of it here with lots of chains offering special discounts. It’s enough to make slightly shyer folks like me want to hide inside.

I put together simple ornaments yesterday and today. Some already went off to the US for the Fabulous FAM Ornament Swap. One of them is this guy:

poinsettia polymer clay ornament

I figure I’ll wear it on a ribbon as a pendant because I’m just kooky-artistic enough to do that. But they were made to look cute on your tree, too. I have some slightly pinker ones and these rich red ones.

Tomorrow is the show at the next to closest community to mine. It was probably the first craft sale I did with my grandmother about 15 or so years ago and I’ve done it most of the years since! My daughter even learned her first few Christmas carols to the skipped part in the tape they used to play. The show organizer has it so organized by this point that it is always a pleasure to do this show and, in keeping with recent trends, they’ve begun enforcing a handmade items only participant list.

If you’re in Calgary pop by the Marlborough Community Association show. It’s directly behind the Marlborough Mall and the weather is supposed to be lovely (for Calgary, in November) this weekend. There’s a concession, children’s activities and free babysitting, baked goods and all handmade items.

Poinsettia Ornaments

polymer clay poinsettia ornamentI’m lucky enough to have family that encourages me in my clay obsession. One aunt always buys my ornaments and this year I got her name in the family Christmas gift draw. She requested ornaments, in deep reds and greens. To me, that says Poinsettias!

So I start with some basic glass ornaments that I got in the post-Xmas sales last year. Cover them liberally with black marbled with gold, bake. It may sound dark for holiday gifts but it makes a dramatic background and the baked base layer means I stick fingers through the whole deal less often. Read more