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A Little Goofing Off

My apartment is utter chaos right now. There is a stack of boxes that confronts you as you enter the door. We pack the truck on Thursday, move on Friday.

Why, yes I'm moving...

So Sunday? Did I spend time finishing up my last crumbs of work? Packing boxes? Nope! I woke my poor put upon kid and dragged her off to meet my Etsy co-conspirators at Eau Claire downtown. It was great – I traded beads for various jewelrymaking bits and more of Splurge’s excellent cookies. We talked shop.

Did I head home to work? Nope! I had a family bbq in the evening but on the way we stopped at Olympic Plaza. Here’s a clue as to what we did:

A Clue

My daughter found out the Nerf soccer ball thing sinks in seconds but can then be rolled around on the cement for neat little drippy ball-prints.

Nerf Sinks

She was pretty convinced I should come and join her.

Invite Make a Silly Face Mom!

So I did. I guess I made a face going in the water and she said, do that again mom so I can take a picture of it. Wasn’t hard, the ice cold water on feet thing makes for good faces.

At some point, my kid’s feet got to be the same size as mine.

Cool Feet

Then on to the family bbq (yes, we bbq family here). The kid was happy to collapse on the bench at the bus station.

Tuckered Out

Today I get to scramble though! And don’t forget, last of my Yart (well the yart portion is done but now it’s the ‘Moving’ sale) Sale is on in my bead and cane shops. Free shipping until sometime on Wednesday.