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Who Plans These Things?

Sunflower Show in Yorkton

That’s a bit of my slightly chaotic booth from last weekends Yorkton’s Sunflower Arts and Crafts Market. The show was good, a little chaotic like my booth (so changing it all… again! argh) and the weather was lovely. Yorkton is a good distance from here though and the show wasn’t fabulous so whether I will go next year or not is up in the air.

Did I mention yet that I have two more big shows this month? No? I do! The next is the Highway 1 Studio Tour September 22nd and 23rd. I’ll be back at the historic train station in Herbert for that with new folks including the very talented Marg Wiebe, Maria Enns and Ken Christopher.

The next show is the week right after that, in Swift Current. The Fall Into Christmas Show is the big handcraft show around here and on top of being a great event it is awe-inspiringly well organized. I know, I know, this only matters if you’re the vendor but it’s a pleasure to participate in because of this.

Labour Day Weekend

All of this leads to the who the heck plans these things title… and of course that’s me. I roped myself into them. Which is why I spent the FIRST weekend of September sitting at my mom’s dining room table making stuff. I made lots and lots of stuff.

So, how’s your September panning out? Did you commit yourself to too many things?

2008 Kick Off with Thing a Day

Yup, I noticed that 2008 started a month ago. Lashes with wet noodles all ’round here at HQ. It’s not that I haven’t clayed, it’s just that I haven’t gotten organized at all. So in a bid to get my rear in gear, I set more ambitious goals – even if some were less than successful – and decided to concentrate on the move forward.

Towards THAT goal I signed up for the Thing-a-Day at www.thing-a-day.com – someone on the PCC boards mentioned it. I believe she’s one of the same people who got me trying the NaNoWriMo… a whole other story of insanity.

Anyways, the Thing-A-Day is brutally simple. You make something – anything really – a day and then (ah, the catch) post it to their site. For me, there’s an extra catch – I’m going to try for every one of those things to be clay related. Bonus points if I manage that! It runs the 29 days of February and then you all pass out. Or pat yourself on the back.

Goals: Win Some Lose Some

2007 was a lot of fun and a lot of frustration.

I met quite a few of my clay and craft goals! This was my best financial year for sales, in a row of best-ever years. Production was good – I made more beads than the 5k I planned. Somewhere close to twice as many, in fact. My technique improved and my overall finish quality went right up.

bead progressOn the negative side, I let my site slide because my online activities were severely curtailed for a few months. That means I didn’t finish 52 weeks of the Year of Clay in 52 weeks. Not that I’m intending to stop now anyways – I’d rather keep on at it and improve in 2008.

I’m still working on my lofty plans for 2008. At least some of that will be a new bead and cane-o-meter, over there in the sidebar. In a few months, the Claychicks will be back after their hiatus and sooner than that Tooaquarius will debut on Etsy as well. Phew! And that’s just a bit of it!

The plus side of making year in planning posts a month after everyone else – it’s not one of dozens!