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Week 24: Catching Up


I joked to my guy that I had leveled up the last couple of Christmas show seasons. The seasons were easier even though, numbers wise, I knew there was actually more being done and sold. I had simply reached the stage of being able to do this volume. I notice it in other things now too, sometimes, as I get the orders done, the shop neatened up and papers filed before the next wave hits.


Because this week was a little like that, I got to play with my clay, something I don’t do nearly enough. I made a few paperweights from the cane ends sitting on my workbench as I cleaned. I made bead batches ahead of them being ordered. I sat and made the hedgehog someone taught in my shop this week.


I associate summer with this: taking the time to build up stock, enjoy the process, make new pieces. Sneak in ice cream cones and pool dips. It’s been lovely so far!