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Completely Different

At the Oasis Bead Show in June, I bought up a few packets of paper beads made by a self-sufficiency project in Uganda. They’re great – such nice organic colours and very lightweight. My mom, who is often my muse, asked for several long necklaces from them since they’re so lightweight.

I supplemented with a few of my own seed beads and metallic bits and came up with quite a few pieces from only 4 packages of paper beads (what can I say, I didn’t shop until the end of the show and they were low on the colours I wanted!).

Paper Bead Jewelry

I can honestly recommend the beads – the quality was great, the colours were just right and you can’t beat the prices. And that’s without even considering that they all help teach a trade and self-sufficiency to women and children.

Random Beadiness


Last week about this time I was at the bead show, mostly manning my booth but occasionally visiting the other vendors of awesomeness. With my clay beads, you really only need a bit of accent so I tend to stick to simple stone, pearl, glass and metal beads and use my own as the focal beads. And there was a seriously overwhelming amount of that!

A few other beads snuck in this year though. As always, we nabbed a kitty from Dragonfire Studios. And those beads on the right of the picture are wound paper beads from Uganda – specifically from a group called Akonye Kena. They work with youth in the area to teach them a marketable skill and how to parlay that into self-sufficient businesses and lives. I bought a few strands to play with and they’ll be some nifty necklaces pretty quick!