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The To Do List

To Do List

Sitting on my table the last few weeks is this box of tiny glass bowls. These become my little ring bowls. Well, they do if I cover them in clay instead of letting them sit on my table…

What’s on your to-do list?

Learning the Almost Basics

Pattern Sheet Pendant

It’s always such a relief to cross off one of those to-do items. Especially when it’s been an in-progress thing for literally years. And writing about clay basics or almost basics is one of those things. I make and sell non-basic supply items – canes – and a huge number of my customers are first time clayers who want to make great stuff their first go.

A few weeks ago I borrowed my friend Laurie (the immensely talented sculptor behind PrairieCrocusStudio) and we shot the pictures for some simple clay tasks:

I’m also organizing some of the other how-to’s on the site so they’ll be easier to find and use. Phew! Part of every year’s new beginnings is the promise that I’ll continue to work on being a little more organized, a little more tidy and a little more diligent. No huge jumps, just subtle things. So shining up parts of the website are right in line.


It seems that posting often – for me that would be most days – is good for my productivity. And since I like taking photos and talking about what I’m working on, we have that rare double bonus.

On my Worktable

Today being Saturday we had the usual errands but I got some sweet, solid time in at the clay table as well. First up were a few blends – the one that will be a lavender rose and daisy, the one that became the blue to white of that butterfly-in-progress and the white to off-white one that is in the already reduced white daisy on the right.

A friend popped in and helped process and roll out the bead bases for the next few days so I’m all set!

How’s the creative production going for you?