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Not Just Beads

Sometimes I actually make things other than beads with the canes. Sometimes I make things with the beads. Of course, that’s usually right before shows but that’s the way it goes.

Marbly Bead Necklace

Marbly brown and pearl and gold beads wire wrapped the way I do a lot of my pieces.

Green Bead Necklace

Green caned beads on brass wire.


The prototype for a pen tray in ‘boy’ colours. I say boy colours because the boyfriend asked, mostly in fun, why I had all flowers. So here we go, brown tiles.

The last pieces are earrings on silver wire. Simple but it works.

Swirly Earrings

Year of Clay – Fall Leaves Necklace

I’m trying to work through the piles of beads that I have that are perfectly good but for some reason haven’t been used, sold or tossed!

Fall Leaves Necklace

This necklace has a stack of them. I’ve used little antiqued copper filigree rounds between graduated beads for a simple strung necklace. The total length isn’t that long – perhaps 17″.

I hear that other bead people are like me – buying or making beads because they appeal and then hoarding them instead of using them. It’s a bad habit because you then eventually do what I did and knock over a tub of them!

On the plus side, I got to find old ‘friends’ and other goodies I’d forgotten I had.