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Spirals With Scrap Clay

After a season of classes, craft shows and making beads and canes for sale in my Etsy shop… I have a lot of scrap clay. I’ve gotten better about how it gets used and keeping it separated in rough colour groups so it’s even fairly useful scrap clay.

It’s still a lot of it.

This means there’s a little bit of just random playing around as I remind myself that you have to do some doodling in order to get new ideas and learn new techniques. The other day was spiral patterns in scraps a couple of different ways.

Mind you, I’m not a fan of my filigree attempts and this was a really ugly Stroppel cane variation but it did accomplish the mission: doodling with scrap clay.

If you want to make ornaments like this, hit the thrift store and get some plain glass ones and then dig into your scrap pile. There are relevant tutorials by kind people out there: