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Pass the Time

The local public art gallery uses volunteers to monitor the exhibit outside of office hours. Sunday I was doing my few hours of watching and figured I’d also do clay. Perfect place for it – I teach classes there regularly.

The Canes

Like a lot of clayers I’ve done a few kaleidoscope canes. None of them have been great. And really, not my favourite project. I like this one though and will try some more.


Took apart the square and used 3 of the parts to make small variants. The one part of the square got turned back into a square cane. The real issue was I didn’t make either of the base building blocks that interesting so there’s not a lot of great detail in it while it’s larger. I imagine that comes with practice or good instructions.

Trays of Flowers

And here’s some of the latest baking, done up before the volunteer hours. I like the sunny yellow flowers and the turquoise ones turned out great. The next tray of baking will have a lot of kaleidoscope beads I bet.