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Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!

Bead Soup Focal Bead Piece

I admit when Sam, my partner, sent me the focal I was not sure what to do with it. It’s way more freeform than what I work with. I tend to make very graphic, straightforward beads and my designs tend to go from those. I asked my much trendier kiddo what she thought of the bead and she was surprised I hadn’t seen it was obviously a sea bead and needed a lovely sea treasure theme. I decided to go with that and wired up a very simple chain necklace with a few of the pale stone nuggets from the bead soup to go along with the pendant. I added a handful of tiny turquoise rounds here and there.

If I end up taking this apart and redoing it, as happens a lot with my more complicated jewellery, I’ll do a little fuller multi-strand piece I think. The barrel orientation of the focal had me flummoxed but I’m catching on. You could go full shipwreck treasure with this bead.

Bead Soup Necklace in Action

I convinced Chloe to model the necklace for me. She made the suggestions for the design that I eventually went with so it was only fair. The very serious face lead to me telling her to smile which got me the frowny face and then, finally, the smiley one. Thus is life with family modeling my stuff.

I am posting this Friday night my time with just the one piece. There were a few other pieces from the accent beads on my studio table half done and, if I make it to the shop on Saturday, I’ll finish a few others up and add them to this post. In particular I want to turn the quartz nuggets into earrings at least.

You can get a look at what Sam Waghorn, my partner in the Bead Soup Blog Party this year, made on her blog or maybe her Facebook. Want to see the other blog hoppers? The whole list is on Lori’s Pretty Things blog.

Feather Necklaces

Feather pendants

I really like polymer clay feather canes and even though I’m still tweaking Donna Kato’s excellent tutorial a bit to make my own… I’ve made a pile of feather beads. From each of the bead canes I kept a few larger, pendant sized feathers because I had some great long necklaces in mind to make with them. This week I finally buckled down and cranked a few out using longer lengths of chain, antiqued bronze coloured wired and some of the bits and bobs in my stash.

The first round of feather necklaces! Glass and stone mixed with antique brass tones. #polymerclay #beads #handmade #jewelrymaking #necklaces

These are mostly ear marked for my shop and for shows but if you think you need one, give me a shout and we’ll get one out to you.

Six Beads

Years ago I wrote a post about what you could make with one ounce of polymer clay canes to illustrate that it didn’t take much of an expensive supply to do fabulous things. I guess this would be a similar example with six beads.

Six Beads

You see, my mainstay in my bead shop is little six bead sets. Using the six art beads I made a simple Y necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. My style is fairly low key but by adding more spacers, another layer of chain and a few danglies you could have an ornate show stopper for not a whole lot more in cost.