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Not Just Beads

Sometimes I actually make things other than beads with the canes. Sometimes I make things with the beads. Of course, that’s usually right before shows but that’s the way it goes.

Marbly Bead Necklace

Marbly brown and pearl and gold beads wire wrapped the way I do a lot of my pieces.

Green Bead Necklace

Green caned beads on brass wire.


The prototype for a pen tray in ‘boy’ colours. I say boy colours because the boyfriend asked, mostly in fun, why I had all flowers. So here we go, brown tiles.

The last pieces are earrings on silver wire. Simple but it works.

Swirly Earrings

Using Those Beads

A long time ago when I first started with clay, I made beads to use in my jewelrymaking. Once clay had me in it’s grip I made jewelry to showcase my clay beads.

I’ve been enjoying a spot of jewelrymaking this month though. Most of it will go to my fall shows and it’s been a fun trip preparing. One of my challenges was figuring out some uses for pillow shaped beads. These are a bead shape I had never really used in my own creations and that I had only begun to make at the request of customers. I’m having fun now though!

Mocha Pillows Bracelet Pink Pillows Bracelet Lavender Pillow Bracelet

Coffee Tones Pillow Necklace Blue Green Pillow Necklace Pillow Bead Bookmark

There’s other things than pillow bead creations of course – I used a few older beads of mine to make silly cake earrings, bookmarks and some new, sweet roses to make bouquets for your ears and wrist.

And a fellow blogger (and super talented beadmaker) had a very good idea for how to display earrings at shows. Take a peek.

Swap Beads = Win!

I sliced a finger up so was putting off diving into the ton of mixed clay blends I have while it heals. Instead, I went and dug through the tub I keep my swap items in. Buried in there were two sweet strands of beads – one by Muriel from PCC and another by Bob Wiley of Faux Wood fame – from a swap hosted by Rebecca Wells a few years ago.

Wood Bead Necklace Kaleidoscope Bead Necklace

The faux wood beads were simply restrung on black stretch cord for myself – it’s a super change from flowers. The ‘scope beads were wired up. I’m not sure where they’ll end up! But what fun!

On a side note, this is the 100th post on this blog!