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I Made Sparrows

I’ve been making beads and claythings a long time. I have plenty of good inspiration, some pretty original and successful designs… but sometimes the customers have great ideas. An administrator for a medical program saw some of my bird beads and asked if she could have sparrows. I have some plain brown birds I call sparrows but I wanted more realistic “house sparrows” (the ones that eat about half the seeds from my small bird feeder). And so I made them.

Other good customer ideas over the years: soccer and baseballs, cardinals, about half the colour schemes of beads I sell, some of the flag beads.

Have your customers and patrons helped you find New Things?

Year of Clay – Chrysanthemum Cane

I had this belated brainwave the other day, staring at a piece of clipart. Like a lot of us, one of my first flower canes was Elissa Powell’s translucent mum cane. And a little later, a friend of mine challenged the caners on a forum to make peony canes. I made one. It stunk. Cat made one and wrote a tutorial for it.

chrysanthemum cane

So now I’ve made a mum cane that could easily be a peony or marigold or carnation or dahlia. I’m looking forward to some obsessing!